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All our foot orthotics or arch supports are all in house, custom made!

First we take a mold of your feet using traditional plaster of Paris, Biofoam imprint foam or a digital 3D Scanner.

Generally there are 3 types of foot orthotics. Your doctor will usually specify the type of foot orthotic requested on the prescription given to you.

Accommodative foot orthotics are designed to create a uniform weight bearing surface to reduce peak pressures on the bottom part of your feet. These orthotics are optimal for patients with sensitive skin or those with diabetes and poor circulation. Accommodative foot orthotics are also made of softer, skin friendlier materials.

Functional foot orthotics are designed to create support for your arch and mid foot. Patients who suffer with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, knee pain due to misalignment to the foot and ankle, morton's neuroma, accessory navicular bone or those feet who require metatarsal arch relief. Functional foot orthotics are semi rigid or rigid depending on the needs and shoe used with the orthotic insert.  

Corrective foot orthotics
are specifically designed to correct a deformity of the foot. This type of orthotic is usually required for club feet, pes cavus deformity (juvenile high arch foot) , pes planus deformity, pes adductus and many more.

We custom design our orthotics with a specific goal in mind; to reduce or eliminate your pain.  

The method of measuring your feet depends on the specific type of the foot orthotic requested by your doctor. Then we create a corrected model of your feet which is used to manufacture your individual foot orthotic.Because our orthotics are made in house we have a wider selections of material we can choose from. This allows us to improve the quality and comfort over those orthotics that are manufactured in a central lab facility somewhere out of State or outside the US.

Because of our in house fabrication we are able to modify or service your orthotics as needed, often while you wait. Our foot orthotics are generally ready for a fitting in two weeks from the time we measure your feet. We provide 3 month of no cost follow up and modification. Expect a break in period of about 2 weeks. Generally it takes longer to get used to corrective foot orthotics than accommodative foot orthotics. With our 3 month free follow up policy you have peace of mind that your orthotics work as intended.
We will contact your insurance to find out if your foot orthotics are covered with your plan.

Before and after correction