03/23/2017  We just got certified in the  Endolite Linx Limb System. The first fully integrated lower limb system where the foot and knee continuously talk to each other to optimise performance. To learn more look here  LINX

03/23/2017  Busy day...we also just got certilied to install the new Orion 3 microprocessor knee joint. More about the Orion 3 here. Orion3

03/22/2017  Our new website is live now! We spend literally hundreds of hours deciding on content and features. We may have forgotten some topics important to you. Please let us know what you think and help us to improve out site.  Check back on the news tap for important updates here at Swiss Orthopedic. 

05/09/2017  Great article about the difficulties getting insurance approval for certain prosthetic devices. =>>

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