We offer a wide range of custom molded and fitted orthopedic shoes. We will measure your feet and together we will select a appropriate shoe for your feet. Fitted orthopedic shoes are ordered  directly from the manufacturer. It takes about 1-2 weeks until the shoes arrive. Custom molded orthopedic shoes are measured in our office. We take a mold of your feet using plaster of Paris. Custom molded shoes are ready for a fitting in 4-5 weeks.

Please note that we don't stock shoes in our office and all shoes are special order items. Orthopedic shoes are available in a much wider range of sized and widths making it almost impossible to stock all varieties and styles.

If your physician ordered shoes for you we can file a non-assignment claim to your carrier if insurance requirements are met. Swiss Orthopedic can not guarantee coverage through your insurance carrier. 

Custom molded shoes.

Some styles from Drew Shoes